There is only one thing in the world that is more expensive than education: No education. (John F. Kennedy)

Education is the key to success...

Not for nothing there is a old german saying "A human being without education is a mirror without polish." It is more important than ever who and what you are. People possessing high and good education will have it easier to become integrated in a working life and in the social and cultural life of a community.
Therefore MS EDUCATION Bildung & Integration has specialized in the following fields:
  • study
  • languages
  • education/further education
    MS EDUCATION Bildung & Integration acts as an agent and counsellor concerning university entrances to German universities and colleges of higher education. Especially for prospective students from abroad the higher education area of Germany offers a lot of chances but risks, too. Questions like "Does the school leaving certificate of my home country allow for the direct university entrance in Germany?" or "Which study alternatives do exist in Germany?" will be answered by MS EDUCATION Bildung & Integration individually, extensively and professionally experienced. We offer language preparation courses in collaboration with famous institutions, support to find the adequate field of study as well as to apply and enrol to a German higher education institution. We also give advice to finance the academic studies, assist to find an accommodation and accompany to public authorities. But by the way: If your studies will be finished our work is going on. We try to find a job, create individual application materials and prepare you for job interviews.
    Languages enrich the life. MS EDUCATION Bildung & Integration collaborates with famous language institutions and places in language courses as desired, for example German as a foreign language or German as preparation to studies. We do also offer one-to-one lessons for the languages French, Arabic and Russian. These courses are individually and can be extended to involve cultural aspects if desired. If you do not find "your" favoured language do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll create a suitable offer for you.
    Education/further education
    MS EDUCATION Bildung & Integration is a certified enterprise concerning "AZWV". It means that we do offer also courses concerning the law "SGB III". Further information can be found here.

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